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Did you know children learn and absorb more information from birth than at any other time in their lives? We are passionate about introducing languages at this crucial stage – the earlier they start, the easier it is!

Young children (even from twelve months!) grasp languages quickly, without even realising they are learning! They simply need to be given an opportunity to do so…

Our classes are fantastic for all children, including those already at school! If your child is already studying a language, children learn best through repetition and so our clubs will reinforce curriculum learning.

Alternatively, offering exposure to a second language is a wonderful learning opportunity; for example, when it comes to choosing a language at GCSE, children may wish to study a language they have been introduced to and enjoy, rather than simply following the target language selected by schools.

If your child is already learning another language and you are unsure about introducing another, this does NOT cause confusion and studies have shown it is in fact easier for children to pick up two languages!


And if your child has already enjoyed our sessions and wishes to sign up again, the repetition will reinforce learning - and new topics are introduced each term.  

Here are just some of the many outstanding benefits you can provide for children:

  • Improved reading and writing skills

  • For ages 1-3, early exposure makes it easier to learn as they absorb speech patterns 

  • Making a pro-active choice to maximise this crucial window of learning opportunity

  • Encourages flexible thinking /opens learning receptors 

  • Proven to help with cognitive skills across the curriculum = improved results and concentration

  • Fantastic for emotional well-being, team work and confidence

  • Improves multi-tasking and problem-solving skills

  • Head start for National Curriculum compulsory language studies/help reinforce learning 

  • Increases cross-cultural awareness

  • Empowers and inspires 

  • Make friends easily on holidays by breaking language barriers  

  • Can open doors that lead to brighter futures 

Carefully designed by professional bilingual teachers, our classes enhance both the EYFS framework and National Curriculum guidelines. Best of all, through using songs, dance, drama and games, they are also lots of FUN!

Our classes are enhanced with encouraging affirmations such as, "I am smart!" and "I am AMAZING!" to help instil a healthy self-esteem in young learners, and create positive energy.  We also incorporate some sign language - actions really little ones to remember words, and is yet another skill they can develop! 

We are committed to making our classes affordable and accessible to all - and we are so PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT WE DO,  we even provide you with exclusively designed resources for FREE (flashcards, worksheets, crafts) - purely so that you can continue to engage with children at home / within your setting for an enhanced learning experience.

Children LOVE our classes - and parents love the results! 

The gift of languages lasts a lifetime!

"Our Pre-school children at Kids Planet Hale absolutely love their Spanish lesson each week, they are learning so much every time and we are able to use this within our circle times and group work throughout the day. We love it so much!"

Sarah Gittoes

Nursery Manager

Kids Planet ,

Hale, Cheshire

"The feedback from our parents has been universally positive. I am delighted they are so pleased with the after school clubs."

Mr Johnson

Head Teacher

"The boys have only been going to French After School Club a few weeks and they're picking things up so quickly! They were practising their numbers only tonight And they have so much fun. Thanks. We're so lucky to have this club."

Melanie Lough


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