Did you know Creative Writing is one of the single most important things your child can learn to equip them well in life? To write well is to communicate well – an essential skill required across all academic subjects and in most top professions. It is also so good for emotional well-being that doctors recognize it as an excellent form of therapy…


The fact that Creative Writing takes up a significant percentage of the Primary Curriculum and essential GCSE English exam, has become an A-Level in its own right and is a skill in high demand in most top professions reflects how important it is. It’s a wonderful hobby your child can take up to help get them away from that pesky technology. Both academically and emotionally, the benefits are endless; and best of all, its LOTS OF FUN!


Emotional Well-being - Have you ever experienced a time in your life when it was difficult to verbally express how you felt? Children experience this often and learning self-expression through written word is not only very liberating, it can help them to articulate themselves in other areas. By creating something and exploring imaginative new worlds, children learn about themselves as well as seeing that they have the ability to create something unique that they can feel confident and proud of.

Academic Development - This skill develops reading, writing and language skills. Children learn so much about grammar and narrative techniques – and how to use adjectives to describe things effectively is a long-term skill that will help later on when writing a school essay; even a work report r simple email uses the same craft to communicate clearly or persuade people that your arguments make sense.

Creative Growth -Encourages flexible thinking and broadens your child’s thought process, helping them to see the world from a different perspective than their own, which teaches empathy. Your child will leaner how to discover their unique style and express their voice, which develops self-confidence and identity.

Designed to invoke learning through fun, this course has been specially designed by the company director Lynn Trotter, who marks A-Level Creative Writing exam coursework from around the country, has an MA in Creative Writing, is a published journalist for the Guardian Media Group, has designed adult creative writing classes run by colleges and throughout the local community, has used Creative Writing as a form of treatment to patients referred on the NHS and lectured in Universities to lecturers on how to embed Creative Writing across the curriculum. She has also won an award for her writing from the Arts Council of England. 

Through these relaxed yet fun and education sessions, your child will learn how to experiment with and construct different genres of writing such as journalistic articles, stories, poems, memoirs and inventing characters. You will also receive a link with some simple yet fun exercises that encourage writing prompts at home, so that topics covered each week can be further enjoyed and developed with the whole family at home. Children are also encouraged to share and reflect on each others work (positive and constructive feedback only) to inspire each other through positive feedback.


There are so many exciting opportunities the wonderful world of Creative Writing can open – it’s fun, exciting and can lead to a really cool career too…

So let’s get writing - and inspire your next J K Rowling today!

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