Mock Exam Practice

For extra confidence and support we offer a comprehensive exam package, with papers tailored to the requirements of the school of your choice. Our practice exams take place under fully replicated exam conditions, complete with experienced exam invigilators. It is then fully marked and returned within five days.

Prior to this - as an additional option - you may sign up for an exam preparation session. This comprises of ‘Jedi mind tricks’ for exam success and essential tips to remember during the process of the actual exam. There is also practical support such as what to do in the days approaching, the night before the exam and tips for keeping calm on the actual day.

Finally, we can provide an exclusive one-to-one follow up session, individually tailored by our professional tutor who has years of experience in this field. He will offer bespoke support, specifically tailored to your child, concentrating in specific areas needed.

As highly qualified teachers with experience in both exam invigilating and exam marking, we are highly equipped with the best knowledge on how to approach exams, how to best answer questions and to endow your child with all the confidence needed when sitting the real thing.

We have deliberately set our prices low at £25/session (discount on all three) so that this service is accessible to all. Places are very limited

To find out which exam style to sit for your school of choice, please see our Facebook update.

To book your place - or for more details - please call us on 0161 865 9669