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Spanish is one of the easiest languages to pick up - there is no better experience for learning than actually talking with someone who is fluent! 


What will I learn?

On this introductory course, you will have fun learning the basics of how to communicate with others in a completely different language. You will learn how to be polite in Spanish, how to greet people and make conversations about yourself, how to correctly pronounce words, numbers and colours and how to ask questions (such as asking for directions and ordering specific food and drinks). Spanish is a beautiful, melodic language that makes it wonderful to learn! Best of all, because it is Latin-based, it will help you understand other languages such as French and Italian too. 


What happens during class?

Your friendly tutor will provide you with lots of different activities to engaged in, including plenty of opportunity to practice your new Spanish skills.  There will also be fun exercises to help you retain all that lovely knowledge, as well as quizzes and worksheets for you to practice vocabulary at home. Classes are designed to be sociable, in relaxed learning environment. 


What will be the outcome?

You will be able to speak, read and comprehend a range of common words, number forms and phrases. You will also have a basic understanding of how to pronounce all of the letters and numbers used  within this language and some basic phrases which will enable you to communicate in Spanish. You will have a solid foundation from which to continue learning, should you wish to.  


What next?

After the class you can continue your learning journey by progressing to the next level, or try your hand at something different with one of our other fantastic courses! 


What do I need?

A pen, a notebook, and a positive attitude!

What are the key benefits?

  • Increase your brain power — just like muscles at the gym

  • Helps with decision making and sharpens memory

  • Passport to the world -  Learning a foreign language, even as little as a handful of phrases, will make your travel experiences so much better 

  • Broaden your mind - not just a new language, a new way to think 

  • Learn more about yourself, socialise and meet new people!

  • A serious confidence booster/fabulous for emotional well-being! 

  • Open up new opportunities  – fantastic for your CV 

  • It’s a very cool thing to do

  • Add some colour and enrich your life- doing something new is exciting! 

The benefits of learning something new are endless, so what are you waiting for?  

PLACES ARE LIMITED – to take advantage of this window of opportunity please reserve yours now!


"I love the style of teaching from the We Love To Learn Tuition Academy. I have experienced new ways of producing creative writing and my confidence has grown due to reading my stories out in class and receiving constructive feedback from the other members. The friendliness of the sessions makes it a treat that I look forward to each time"

Ann Costello

Much more than just a cool hobby these days, Creative Writing is becoming more and more popular, and a skill in demand in most top businesses. 


What will I learn?


You will learn how to tap into the creative part of your brain; just like muscles at the gym, once it gets going you will be amazed by how it develops! We will teach you how to transform thoughts into works you can treasure forever and be proud of. 

Our expert will guide you on how to find your unique voice express your thoughts, feelings and experiences, transfer them onto paper and transform them into works of art. We will teach you the process of what makes a good story from beginning, middle to end, as well as various styles forms and techniques. 


What happens during class?

In a safe and encouraging environment, you will be taught how to experiment with new forms, you will be given some fun exercises to help produce your own material, and invited to share your work to and give others constructive feedback with the rest of the group (sharing is optional but often very beneficial!).  


What will be the outcome?

You will have learned the process of how to begin and develop various forms of writing, and you will have experimented with new writing techniques. You will have a clear sense of how to develop your skills further. You will know how to use creative writing at home for emotional well-being. You will also have completed some new material and become inspired to write more.

What next?

You can continue your learning journey and take your studies to the next level, or try your hand at one of our other fantastic courses!

What do I need?

Simply bring a pen, notebook and a positive mental attitude! Let us take care of the rest.


What are the key benefits?

  • Inspires you to look at the world with new eyes

  • Great for emotional well-being; creativity is yoga for the mind

  • Meet new people and socialise

  • Fantastic skill to add to for your CV

  • Increases vocaubulary and communication skills

  • Very therapeutic

  • Opens up new opportunities – can lead to seeing your name in print

The benefits of learning something new are endless, so what are you waiting for?  

PLACES ARE LIMITED – to take advantage of this window of opportunity please reserve yours now!